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Certification Scam! (Unethical Practices of Some Certification Sellers)

Certifications are important as they signify that you, a professional, have undergone training to enhance your skills.    If you have worked hard and trained you deserve that cert. This article is not about the honest folks who practice for hours and hours, take their test and come out on the other end with tangible evidence.   This article is about the underbelly of the IT world.  The creatures in this place are not so far from our reach.  They slither around LinkedIn and other professional places, attempting to leach off busy professionals who want a cert but are just too busy with life. I get it, life is busy.  Family, friends, hobbies, just doing the day to day thing can be a lot. I personally spend time on LinkedIn sharing articles, videos and chatting with other people of like mind.  It's a decent networking tool. One thing that happens from time to time is people hitting you up for sales.  Specifically sales of certs.   Now I typically block these people.   I find their tact

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