The First One - The Beginning

Hello All,

this post is the first blog post.  I am excited to be starting on this blogging journey discussing my favourite topics; IT Security and Automation. 

In my career I have had a number of opportunities to expand my knowledge in this area through IT Auditing and script development.  Currently I teach at a polytechnic school in Canada and I am daily pushed to expand the bounds of my knowledge and stretch myself further.  I love the challenge of teaching IT Security.  I am in the perfect field, because learning is what I crave.

The goal for this blog is to be a centralized location for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.  I know there are many excellent places across the internet to do this very same thing.  However there is something about starting something on your own. 

I absolutely love scripting, it is so satisfying seeing your work assist others.  I love taking repetitive tasks and turning them into jobs that can run on their own.  Automation is awesome because a successfully created script can do the same task over and over and do it with 100% accuracy every single time.

I plan on sharing scripts that I am developing, hopefully they can be of some assistance to someone out there.  The complexity level will range and the jobs tackled will vary.  I am sure that there are some senior level programmers out there that will see my code and cringe.  Feel free to inform me.  I hope that everyone who reads this is similar to me in that we want to learn and expand our knowledge.

I am also open to suggestions for additions to projects.  If a script is missing a key feature, let me know and I can include it :)

Thanks Everyone


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