CTF: Connecting to CTF Machine




Now how you connect to the target machine will will vary from event to event.  If it is a global event and the competitors are distributed all over the place the target machine will be hosted and available via a private network.

The hosted network is not available to random people.  If you have signed up to the event the event creator will likely have shared VPN login credentials.

You are going to need to install VPN software onto your Kali instance.

Follow instructions below to install OpenVPN and run connection config file.

(keep in mind your event creator may have a different way for you to connect to their private network, following their instructions should be just fine)

First ensure that your apt supports the https transport:

   # apt install apt-transport-https

Install the OpenVPN repository key used by the OpenVPN 3 Linux packages

   # wget https://swupdate.openvpn.net/repos/openvpn-repo-pkg-key.pub
   # apt-key add openvpn-repo-pkg-key.pub

Then you need to install the proper repository. Replace $DISTRO with the release name depending on your Debian/Ubuntu distribution.

   # wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openvpn3.list https://swupdate.openvpn.net/community/openvpn3/repos/openvpn3-$DISTRO.list
   # apt update


Distribution Release Release name ($DISTRO)
Debian 9 stretch
Debian 10 buster
Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Ubuntu 19.10 eoan
Ubuntu 20.04 focal
Ubuntu 20.10 groovy

And finally the openvpn3 package can be installed

   # apt install openvpn3

Now if you have received an .ovpn file follow the next step to connect


#openvpn3 session-start --config /absolute/location/of/your/ovpnfile.ovpn

A large amount of credit on this portion goes to resource [1].  They said it well.



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