How To Email Harvest(bash)

 Here is a quick instruction on using a bash script to grab "harvest" emails from a single page on a website.  This script will be the first version, as I plan on evolving it.  Come back again when I post an updated version.

*This post and subsequent video are for educational purposes.  What I am attempting to do here is to demonstrate how easy it is to harvest emails out of your website.

Below is a simple bash script that takes a single page and grabs all the emails from it!

script harvest emails

Let's break down the three lines of the script.

1:shebang: We are selecting the interpreter

2.using wget we take the input from the command line when we run this script and send the output to "webGrab" we are using grep (-E declaring that we are utilizing regex) (-o stating that we are searching in a specific file)

Let's run it!

Check out my example page I am harvesting from.  You will see that there are no visible email addresses

script harvest text in action

At the second red arrow you can see that emails were indeed found!

Check out this YouTube video of mine that explains the process.

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