CTF: Primer


What is Capture the Flag?

CTF is popular way for Security Professionals, Security Researchers, White Hat Hackers, Cyber hobbyists, and more to show off their tech skills.  CTF is the gamification of hacking.  A CTF event typically goes like this; you, the professional, is presented with machine (Usually virtually hosted) and tasked with obtaining particular pieces of information.  Once the information is obtained you input the data in a database.  The input data is compared against the correct answer and if it is correct you are awarded points.  By the end of the event whomever has the most points is the "winner."

This page is dedicated as a primer for folks wanting to get started in CTF.  This page is an excellent resource for learning the process of CTF, answering some questions that new CTF challengers have and building into the positive hacking community.

1. Setting Up Your Environment

2. Connecting to the CTF Network

3. Critical CTF Tools

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