Andrew Campbell

Who is Andrew?

I am a husband, father and a cyber security fanatic. If you were to encounter me at a coffee shop you would most likely find me with two (more?) textbooks open in front of me and taking notes.

Also drinking a large coffee ;)

I love starting new things and blogging has been a perfect way for me to get ideas out of my head and documented.  All the posts within my blog began by a random train of thought.

In my career as an IT Professional I have found a way to focus my learning on cyber security and automation.  I love this subject matter and am passionate about growing my knowledge in this area.

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This blog is very useful for anyone who wants to look back and reference security related techniques and concepts.  Be that NSE usage, firewalls, cyber political commentaries, unique python scripts and much more!

APT has a double meaning.  On one hand it is an acronym and an acknowledgement for a real world issue, "Advanced Persistent Threat(s)" and on the other hand it also is a statement of intent.  My goal is to provide apt knowledge and resources on the two primary topics in the blog "Cyber Security" and "Automation."

 I post weekly so come back regularly to see what is new.   check out some of my practical demos on my YouTube Channel and connect with me on LinkedIn

Thanks! Enjoy!

Andrew Campbell

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