An nmap Buddy Script (Where in the World?)

 I briefly highlighted a script I wrote previously in my post Route out IP Locations: Free Tools  , however I am bringing it back!!

Why? Well honestly because I think that when you are performing recon on a target why wouldn't we want more data?  I modified the script from the previous blog so that it takes input from the terminal and quickly provides you the geolocation of the IP you are scanning.

*IP intentionally obfuscated

lat and long, throw it into Google and you will get a map right away.




Maybe you don't want to be poking around in China (make sure you are using proxies if you are doing deeper recon)

Typically when doing recon you should be obfuscating/hiding your location entirely.  A nice feature of this script is that it utilizes scraping.  This means that you yourself are not probing your target, you are getting someone else to do it and then just reaping the gathered information.

Also understanding the geolocation of target is extremely useful.  

- What is the political climate in that region?

- Are they a nation state known for cyber-agression?

- Are they a small player in the cyber-world?

All of this information is useful for developing a grounded view of your target.  when it comes to cyber-security all data is valuable and helps for the big picture.

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